About Me

I am Maria Hajj.

Welcome to my website!

The work you will see while surfing my website is the result of years and years of searching for inner peace.

I discovered Mandala art a few years ago after I had suffered from a severe burnout. It was the result of the immense stress and long work hours while performing my job as a cake designer.

This unfortunate event turned my life upside down. As they say, it is only when you hit rock bottom that you find the way for inner peace. After that, I invested all my artistic talents in meditative arts and I decided that I need to help people reach the peace I felt.

I started giving workshops in Beirut. Then I started my YouTube channel and my blog to give more people around the world the chance to learn meditative arts for free. I illustrated many mandala coloring books to allow people to relax while expressing their inner feelings with colors. One of the most satisfying activities I did while recovering was home redecorating. It eventually led me to start my own line of Boho Home Deco, Accessories and clothes that you can find on my online store. I have also started my one-on-one online drawing lessons to help people understand mandala art better and practice it with joy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this section. It means a lot to me when people learn that sad events in our lives are not always the End but they could be, in fact, the beginning of a new and fresh life cycle.

Keep smiling!

maria hajj standing