Online Mandala Lessons

Hey! I am happy you are interested in my mandala drawing course.

Together, we will walk through the magical world of mandala art and create unique designs. I will teach you how to release the artist in you and how to use this art to relax and unwind.

This course consists of 8 different levels. Each level includes 4 lessons in which you will learn everything you need to become a mandala artist.

  • We start from the very basic of mandala designs.
  • We learn how to create 3D effects.
  • How to add flower appliques.
  • How to draw animal mandalas.
  • How to dot paint a mandala.
  • And how to draw an acrylic mandala.
maria hajj and a group of people sitting around a workshop table

We will be doing the lessons through Zoom. After each lesson you will receive a detailed illustrated copy that you can keep with you for further training.

Send me a message through the form below to learn more about the prices and schedules, and to book your lessons!