How to draw a mandala using only a compass

this is the image of a mandala drawn with a compass

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If you’re a beginner and want to start drawing Mandalas you need to know that no artistic skills are required and you also need to be confident that anyone can draw a Mandala once they learn the few basics of this art. Therefore, get your pens ready, and let’s start!

In this tutorial, I show you a fun trick to draw a mandala using only a compass. You can replicate it in any color you want, it could be blue, red, etc.

It would also look very beautiful if you color some of the sections created. I will definitely create another tutorial very soon with some colored sections to show you how we do it.

For this tutorial you need:

Materials Needed 

(Check the brands I recommend)

  • A4 white paper or cardboard
  • Regular compass
  • Compass with fine black pen
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Eraser


  1. Mark the center of your paper
  2. Trace a 4 cm radius circle using the regular compass, with a built in pencil, taking as a center of your circles the center of the paper
this is the image of a ruler, a compass and a paper divided into four equal sections
this is the image of a grid dividing the paper into four equal sections and a circle in the center
  1. Trace a grid line every 5 degrees 
  2. The intersection between each grid line with the previously drawn circle will be a the point we will use as a center to draw new circles.
this is the image of a mandala grid
  1. So taking these points as centers, start drawing 4 cm radius circles, all around your grid, using a compass with a built-in fine black pen.
this is the image of a madala grid
  1. And Voilà!
this is the image of a mandala drawn using a compass only

Video Tutorial

How to draw a Mandala using only a compass/ Art Lesson 87

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