How to draw an easy Butterfly Mandala

this is an image of a butterfly mandala

Expand your creativity and learn how to sketch a butterfly by tracing three simple circles

This is a step-by-step tutorial, that will help, every person desiring to learn more about how to draw a mandala, see, step by step, how to start a Mandala, how to trace a Mandala grid, and how to put patterns inside of the grid.

Drawing a Mandala is a very relaxing art, it helps you concentrate and stop your mind from wandering, which allows you as a result to achieve mindfulness.

This tutorial, like every other tutorial, leads you, in detail, through the whole process of drawing the project. You will not only learn a new skill but you will gain a beautiful meditation technique, as in these arts, and based on the repetitive act, you enter a state of peace of mind that will help you alleviate stress, decrease your levels of anxiety and lower your blood pressure.

Materials Needed 

  • A4 white paper
  • compass
  • protractor
  • ruler 12″
  • pencil
  • 0.4 fine drawing black pen
  • thick black pen


This tutorial has few simple steps

  1. Take the center of the paper. In order to do that, put a mark horizontally on the 14.7 cm. Then, from that point
  2. Second trace a circle of a 9.5 cm radius.
  3. Trace the mandala grid
  4. Then trace two 9.5 cm radius side circles.
  5. Concerning the patterns, watch the video shared below to replicate my butterfly mandala design.

If you need help improvising you can check the three following videos:

The basic shapes of a Mandala:

The Basic Shapes of a Mandala

How to draw Mandala patterns- set #1:

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How to draw Mandala patterns- set #2:

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Video tutorial

Easy hacks to draw a butterfly Mandala (includes grid measures and step by step details) Tutorial #6

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