Mandala Drawing Tips: Techniques for Creating Stunning Designs

this is the image of a beautiful mandala design placed on a red table cloth and Christmas train on the side

Drawing a mandala is an activity that I practice every day not only to maintain my accounts on Instagram, Facebook, blogger, etc. but because drawing a Mandala is my daily therapy.

I have noticed for the past three years that this activity has helped me overcome so many low points in my life. I have gone through a lot of problems and Mandala drawings were the key to getting out of the hell I was going through and finding the light again. 

Why is drawing a Mandala that important?

Well, in my own experience, and all the studies that have been made around this art have proven that there is a deep connection between Mandala art and universal energy.

Besides this very important note, the act of repeating patterns helps regulate heartbeats, and as a result, lowers blood pressure and alleviates stress. 

In this article, I will give you a number of important Mandala tips and tricks to be able to replicate the design I created. Please note that in order to be able to replicate this design and post it on your own account you have to mention @mandala_art_bymaria on your Instagram account.

this is the image of a beautiful mandala design placed on a red table cloth and Christmas train on the side

Mandala Drawing Tips and Tricks to Replicate This Design

  1. Drawing a mandala doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to center the mandala on  your paper. In most of my easy tutorials on Youtube you see me taking the center of the paper but that’s only to serve the purpose of the video.
  2. In this design I have used 3 different technique: Free handed Mandala, Grid mandala, and tangles.  
    a- The free handed mandala is a Mandala drawn without a structure (a grid).
    b- a grid Mandala is a mandala drawn based on a grid.
    c- tangles are those wavy lines you see on the drawing
  3. To draw the freehand mandala start from the center of the flower mandala, trace the petals around it, and start expanding your flower.

To have a better idea on how to draw a freehand Mandala check the following video

Free Hand Flower Mandala/ No Grid/ No compass (Art Lesson 86)
  1. To draw a Mandala grid to recreate the small mandala at the bottom of the page start by marking a point that will make the center of your paper. Again, the center of your mandala doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of your paper.

After marking your center point, have in mind a general picture of how you want your mandala to be so you can trace circles that have measures close to the design you are imagining, or, if you are following my tutorials, I give you the exact circles radii and the distance required between the grid lines.

For more info about how to draw a Mandala grid check the video below.

Learn how to draw a mandala grid in a step by step tutorial
  1. Drawing a Mandala requires basically these main Materials:
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fine black drawing pen

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