Mandala Leaf Pattern Drawing: Easy Guide for Beginners

Mandala design with leaf patterns

In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to trace five different easy mandala patterns based on the regular petal basic shape. These mandala patterns come in handy when you face a creativity block while drawing, and they can help beginners create their own mandalas. In this tutorial, I will guide you through creating a mandala leaf pattern.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and, most importantly, try it out. Remember to share your results with me by leaving a comment below.


  • Compass
  • Fine black drawing pen
  • Sharpened pencil
  • Eraser
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • A4 white paper or cardboard

Steps to Create Mandala Leaf Pattern

Step 1: Prepare the Mandala Grid

What is a Mandala Grid?

A mandala grid is a structure used to base our mandala, giving it a perfect symmetrical finish. Drawing a mandala grid is easy, especially with the proper equipment: a compass and a protractor. If you don’t have these, check out my post on how to draw a mandala grid without a compass and a protractor.

  1. Mark the Center: Measure the center of your A4 white paper lengthwise and widthwise. Mark the point where the two centers meet and trace a horizontal and a vertical line crossing the center, dividing the paper into four equal parts.Mandala grid center
  2. Trace Circles: Trace 5 circles with radii of 1 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, and 8 cm.Mandala grid with circles
  3. Grid Lines: Using the protractor, trace a grid line every 30 degrees.Mandala grid lines

Step 2: Fill the Mandala Grid with Shapes and Patterns

  1. Draw Regular Petals: On each 2 grid sections, draw one regular petal.Mandala with regular petals
  2. Leaf Patterns Inside Petals: Inside each regular petal, draw leaf patterns.Mandala with leaf patterns
  3. Retrace First Circle: Retrace the outline of the first circle.Retraced mandala circle
  4. Draw Above Previous Petals: Right above the previous petals, draw one regular petal on each two grid sections.Mandala with additional petals
  5. Diagonal Double Inner Outline: Trace a diagonal double inner outline.Diagonal double inner outline
  6. Draw Swirls: On the bottom line of each regular petal, draw two opposite swirls.Mandala with swirls
  7. Circles Between Outlines: Draw circles in the space between the two outlines.Circles in mandala
  8. Teardrop Leaves in Petals: In the empty space of the regular petal, draw teardrop leaves.Teardrop leaves in mandala
  9. Draw Bigger Regular Petals: Starting from the summit of one petal and ending on the summit of the other, draw bigger regular petals.Bigger regular petals in mandala
  10. Intersected Curved Lines: Draw four intersected curved lines on the top of each petal.Intersected curved lines in mandala
  11. Half Circle and Coloring: Draw half a circle and color it in black.Half circle in mandala
  12. Down-Facing Petals: Draw down-facing petals as shown in the illustration.Down-facing petals in mandala
  13. Regular Petal from Summit to Summit: Draw a regular petal that starts from the summit of the previous petal and ends at the summit of the next petal.Regular petal in mandala
  14. Diagonal Inner Double Outline: Draw a diagonal inner double outline.Diagonal inner double outline in mandala
  15. Curved Lines Filling: Fill the space between the two lines with curved lines.Curved lines in mandala
  16. Teardrop Petals and Coloring: In the empty space, draw teardrop petals and color the blank space in black.Teardrop petals in mandala
  17. Regular Petals at Summits: Just like in previous steps, draw regular petals starting and ending at the summit of the previously drawn petals.Regular petals at summits in mandala
  18. Draw Another Inner Outline: Draw another inner outline.Inner outline in mandala
  19. Small Circles and Coloring: Fill the space between the lines with small circles and color the blank space in black.Small circles in mandala
  20. Leaf Pattern Inside Petal: Inside the regular petal, draw a leaf pattern.Leaf pattern in mandala

I hope this guide helps you create your own beautiful mandala leaf patterns. Don’t forget to share your creations and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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