How to draw a flower mandala

this is the picture of a mandala designed with petals and tear drops

Materials needed:

For this Mandala, and every simple black and white Mandala, you need the following materials: A4 paper, compass, protractor, pencil, ruler, eraser, and drawing pen.


In this tutorial, we go through the detailed steps of drawing a Mandala. I show you how to trace this same exact design step by step.

Mandala drawing is one of the most relaxing activities you could practice to unwind and alleviate stress.

This tutorial is perfect for beginners. At a first sight, this Mandala might look complicated, but the tutorial is presented in a way that makes it look very easy.

Linked to this tutorial, is another step-by-step tutorial on how to trace Mandala patterns. In fact, I have used four of the patterns from a previous post to trace this beautiful, yet simple and easy Mandala.

Tracing a Mandala grid before starting your Mandala is important to help you respect symmetry between patterns, but I promise to show you very soon how to trace a free-hand Mandala.

Nevertheless, even if the grid helps you in tracing your Mandala easily and respecting symmetry and size, but as a beginner, you might at first have shaky lines and uneven shapes and that is totally OK. Remember that the beauty of hand-drawn Mandalas resides in their imperfections.

Find here two very helpful Mandala video tutorials, to help you in the drawing process:

How to trace a Mandala Grid:

Learn how to draw a mandala grid in a step by step tutorial

The Basic shapes of a Mandala:

The Basic Shapes of a Mandala

Video Tutorial

Mandala Drawing- How to draw a Mandala Tutorial #11- Step by step- detailed instructions

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