How to draw a rainbow mandala with stippling shading

this is the image of a rainbow mandala sketched on an A4 paper with stabilo pens all around

The sentence I hear the most during my days is: Oh my God how can you draw that! If it was me, I would lose my mind!
My answer is always: Anyone, and everyone can draw a Mandala. You just need to learn two things, how to discipline the steps you follow, and how to discipline your physical and mental attitude while practicing this art.

For the past year and a half my mission was to prove that, in fact, anyone can draw, whether it was a Mandala, a Zendala, or anything in that circle of art. And I have made humongous changes in people’s lives when it comes to their relationship with art.
My main concern was to be able to deliver the message that every person, every single person on this earth, is creative. 
And creativity is different than talent. 

You might not be talented in drawing portraits or painting a landscape but you are surely creative in your own special way. And you also have to know that the way you use colors and assemble patterns is a physical manifestation of your soul.
So you are strictly not allowed to judge that choice you make. Like saying ” I’m not good at choosing colors” “I don’t know how to use colors”

Yes, you do know, but the problem is that your mind and soul are not aligned. Because for a long while, you have forgotten about your soul and the beautiful messages it has to deliver through you.
Your soul has a lot to say, and what better way to say it than through art.

This art is crucial as it builds a bridge between your soul and mind, a bridge that needs restoration due to all the events you have lived in your life and all the hustle you find yourself in, that, usually, dismisses the importance of a soul, and concentrates mainly on the body, the physical appearance, not even on the mind. And you find, while advancing in age, that your mind and soul are getting tired and old as they have been neglected.

I put this blog and my YouTube channel at your service, to take a step towards proving to yourself that you can do it because there is a very creative artist hiding inside of you.
Remember that I am always more than happy to answer your questions and give you the needed guidance to accomplish the art projects offered on both sites.

I will now leave you to watch this beautiful Mandala art and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed shooting it.

How to draw a simple Rainbow Mandala Design (Art Lesson 58)

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