An easy tutorial on how to draw four mandala patterns

Mandala Patterns

this image contains four set of easy mandala patterns

Mandala patterns are created from a combination of mandala basic shapes.

In this tutorial the patterns are as follows:

  1. The first pattern is based on a regular petal as a parent shape. Inside this regular petal I drew another regular petal that is shorter but as wide and decorated it with curved lines. Around the border of the smaller petal I drew a number of long petal arcs and colored the blank space in black. The inside border of the large petal is decorated with arcs.
  2. The second pattern is an ensemble of swirls tied together.
  3. The third pattern is based on an arc petal and inside of this arc I drew a number of tear drops from large to small, starting from the center. The blank space is colored in black.
  4. This pattern is a combination between a regular petal, swirls and tear drops.

How to use these patterns:

As the first step in every mandala, you should prepare a mandala grid. Start by marking a point that will be the center of all circles. Choose the measures of the radii and trace your circles.

Using the protractor, divide these circles into equal sections. So you can either mark a point every 10 degrees, 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, or 45 degrees. It all depends on how you want your Mandala to look. More lines mean tighter grid sections and more patterns to fill.

Video Tutorial:

I have shared with you the video posted on my YouTube channel showing you how to trace these patterns step by step. Remember to subscribe and turn the notification bell on to be the first to watch my daily uploaded videos.

Mandala Patterns/ Step By Step/ How to draw a Mandala (Art Lesson 9)

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