A detailed tutorial of all the basic shapes of a mandala

this is an image of all the basic shapes used to draw a mandala

Mandala Basic Tutorials

I have uploaded on my youtube channel six Mandala basic tutorials that cover mainly all the information needed to start drawing mandalas.These tutorials are divided as follows:

  1. How to draw a Mandala grid
  2. What are the basic shapes of a mandala
  3. How to draw a simple mandala
  4. How to color a mandala
  5. All you need to know about Mandala art
  6. How to create your own Mandala

The first tutorial is clear by its title, it explains how to trace a mandala grid. But, what is a mandala grid and why do we need it? A mandala grid is the base structure needed to draw the patterns symmetrically and identically. To draw it you need a compass and a protractor. If these are not available you can use circular shapes from around the house.

Learn how to draw a mandala grid in a step by step tutorial

The second tutorial is the one we are developing today. It shows you the list of Mandala basic shapes. These are the shapes you can choose from to draw a Mandala. And these basic shapes are perfect for beginners as they are simple, neat and easy.

The Basic Shapes of a Mandala

The third tutorial contains an explanation of how to place the shapes on the grid. When you are in front of a grid loaded with circles, lines and sections you will definitely wonder how to make this thing useful without complicating your life. So in this third tutorial I explain it to you.

How to draw a Mandala for Beginners

The fourth tutorial is how to color a Mandala. Now, the use of colors must be improvised. But what I teach you is in fact how to practice mandala coloring to benefit from this wonderful relaxing activity.

How to draw Mandala for Beginners | step by step | doodle art | Art Lesson 12

The fifth tutorial has everything we have mentioned before with much more details.

How to draw Mandala for Beginners | step by step | doodle art | Art Lesson 62

The sixth tutorial is the most important. I show you how to make use of all the information collected from the tutorials mentioned before to create or improvise your own mandala instead of replicating mandala tutorials you will be able to create your own designs.

Beginners Guide: How to draw Mandalas 101 (Art Lesson 76)

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