A very detailed tutorial on how to draw an owl mandala

How to sketch an owl Mandala

this is an image of an owl mandala on a branch

Whether you were a beginner or an advanced mandala artist, you will always find pleasure in learning something new. Every tutorial might hold tips and tricks that may be new to you.

Adding a twist to Mandala drawing helps expand your creativity even more and it opens the door to more creations. Drawing a Mandala on a daily basis or at least regularly is very crucial to the development of your creative side. Creativity is not limited to drawing and creating art.

A person needs creativity in every aspect of his life. A problem is solved at its best when you come up with a creative solution, a child’s question is answered better when you come with a creative explanation, etc.

In this tutorial, I turn the owl drawing into an easy project. Every step is very well explained and illustrated, yet I made sure to keep the video short and fun.

Materials Needed

  • A4 white paper
  • compass
  • protractor
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • fine drawing pen
  • eraser


  1. Mark the center of the paper and trace a 9.5 cm radius circle.
  2. Trace a horizontal line 4,5 cm away from the top border of the circle.
  3. This line will be the diameter of 2 small equal circles that will form the eyes of the owl (check the video tutorial below for more)

Video Tutorial

Find the tutorial below. It is a highly detailed video with all the measures and patterns needed to help you replicate it.


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