Three sets of easy mandala patterns

this is a picture of three sets of easy mandala patterns

This article today is about easy Mandala patterns. Every now and then I create a number of Mandala patterns to help you get inspired while drawing your own Mandala. 

As you know every Mandala starts with a Mandala grid on which we place a number of basic shapes. In order to emphasize these shapes and give our Mandala an extra value, we add inside of these shapes patterns and designs similar to those in this article.

I will show you in detail how to create these patterns. The tutorial is also available as a video version that you can see on my youtube channel. The link is shared at the bottom of the article. Happy reading!

The Three Easy Mandala Patterns

Pattern a:

This pattern is based on the long arc petal. When you apply this design to your mandala, make sure to trace every long arc petal on one grid section.

Pattern b:

This pattern is also based on the long arc petal shape. It is divided into 6 easy steps. 

Pattern c:

This pattern is based on the regular petal shape. It is divided into 11 easy steps. This pattern is better drawn on 2 or 4 grid sections when placed on a mandala grid.

I added a small simple mandala sample created with these patterns to give you an idea of how a mandala will look. I will be looking forward to your mandala designs using these set of patterns


And here is the video tutorial. It is always useful to see and read how things are done. So here’s the seeing part 😀 😀

Mandala Patterns- Easy step by step drawings- Patterns set #4

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