How to dot paint a sunset scenery

this is the image of a dot painted mandala drawn on a wooden board with a fur table cloth in the back

Dot painting is one of the most mesmerizing painting techniques as it revolves around creating a beautiful image from paint dots. And it is part of the meditative arts adopted to help people with anxiety and stress to unwind and relax. 

To practice this beautiful art you can either use professional tools, or you can use tools from around the house; such as a pencil, a cotton swab, a wooden stick, etc.

If you wish to see how to dot paint with tools from around the house you can check the following tutorial: 

Acrylic Painting/ Mandala art/ Dot painting #1

As for the paint I use, acrylics are the best choice.
Try to be as creative as possible, using as many colors as your soul asks for.

In meditative arts, there is no wrong or right there is just the pleasure of practicing and relaxation you feel.

You are welcome to watch the following tutorial shared below about how to dot paint a sunset.

How to dot paint a beautiful Sunset- Acrylic painting

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