How to dot paint a mandala without drawing a mandala grid

There are a lot of techniques that you can adopt to create a mandala. The most simple technique is drawing it with a pencil. You can paint it using brushes, or dot paint it like shown in this tutorial. You can use the quilling technique, weaving yarns, wood-burning, or embroidery.

My favorite technique is drawing because I like techniques that do not require many art supplies and can be performed anywhere at any time. I choose a number of paper materials to work on. I work on kraft paper, black cardboard, and white cardboard. I enjoy supplying all kinds of drawing pens and coloring fine markers to create exquisite designs. The best time I spend is using all my pens to transfer my feelings onto paper and relieve my stress by connecting lines and dots to come up with a wonderful mandala design.

this is the image of a canvas with a dot painted mandala on it. On top of the canvas there are dotting tools and on the side acrylic pots

How to create a dot painted mandala

What is a dot-painted mandala?

Dot-painting is, simply, painting with dots. Generally, the paint used in this art technique is acrylics as they tend to form better dots. What do I mean by better dots? well, the finish we expect of the dots should be soft but well-maintained and this is best obtained by acrylics such as Art deco as these acrylics are a little bit more diluted than other brands. When acrylic paint is slightly diluted it helps us form a perfectly spheric dot without peaks and cracks that usually thick acrylics tend to form.

The surface we use to dot paint is very wide. We can use a canvas or cardboard but we can also dot paint on wood, walls, or leather.

The tools needed are easy to find. They are sticks with spheric ends. Each stick has one different sphere diameter on each end. The spheres could be metallic or plastic and the sticks are usually plastic or wooden.

What are the different steps required to dot paint a mandala on a canvas?

The steps are actually pretty easy to follow. 

  1. First choose the size of your canvas. In this tutorial I have chosen a 10 cm by 12 cm canvas. 
  2. Second, paint your canvas in black and leave it to completely dry.
  3. Third, Mark the center of the canvas.
  4. Fourth, using the biggest dot paint tool head, make a big dot in the center.

Follow next to the steps as displayed in the video below

How to dot paint a mandala without drawing a grid- Step by step tutorial for beginners

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