How to draw a spiral doodled scenery

this is the image of a black, blue and yellow scenery created by using the technique of spiral doodling and it has a black mandala as the sun

Welcome to my 9th Optical Illusion tutorial.

What is an optical illusion?

An optical illusion is a doodling technique in which you get beautiful 3D effects that are in fact created from very simple lines.

What I believe brought you to my tutorial is the fact that you are looking to doodle a nice drawing with easy steps that will encourage you to try doodling even more. And the more you doodle, the better you get and the more relaxed you will be.
Do you know why doodling is a highly effective meditation art method?
Well, it’s for a very simple reason. It stops your mind from wandering to negative places and it keeps it busy with doodles that are traced easily. 

Materials Needed:

(Check the brands I recommend)

  • A4 white cardboard on which you will trace a 21*21 cm square or a square white paper
  • Blue permanent ink pen (any available brand)
  • Yellow coloring pencil ( any available brand)
  • Unipin, Artline or Micron fine drawing pen 0.1
  • Black permanent marker

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Optical Illusion #9- Easy step by step drawings- Meditation Art

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